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Leading Your Teachers into Effectiveness with a Coaching Hat

No matter what teacher evaluation system your school/district has implemented, the overall goal is Teacher Effectiveness for improved student learning. A great deal of research has found coaching as a valuable practice to improve instruction and learning. This session will introduce the concept of the Principal acting as an instructional coach as well as the evaluator in the building to lead your school into effectiveness. We will focus on how to give coaching feedback in written form/verbal conversations. This feedback can be used for informal coaching purposes as you are visiting classrooms and for the formal post-observation conferences for the evaluation system.

Leading With a Coaching Hat

How many hats do you, as a school leader (whether leading a district, a school, a department, or a classroom) wear?

Counselor? Cheerleader? Nurse? Designer? Project manager? Researcher? Supervisor? Consultant? Guide? Evaluator/grader? . . . The list is long; with some hats unique to your own setting and others broadly shared by many educators.

In this interactive session, we invite you - among the many roles you play, the many hats you wear - to prioritize your coaching hat. With innumerable demands on your time, attention, and energy, we’ll support you to think through ways of grounding yourself in impactful coaching approaches to improve quality of learning and community in your district, school, department, or classroom.

Impactful Feedback with a Coach Approach

As professionals and as learners, we waver between wanting authentic, honest feedback to help us improve and longing for an encouraging pat on the back. Whether leading a building, a district, a department, or a classroom, key to impact is the ability to give and receive feedback. This practical, interactive session will engage us in an exploration of how to give and receive feedback with the coaching hat. We’ll explore ways of transforming evaluation and grading into impactful learner-centered feedback empowering us to achieve ambitious goals.

Goal Setting for Success

Beyond evaluation, beyond rubrics, we engage in our schools with individuals who have goals, hopes, and aspirations. Among the highest levers to improving quality of learning and community in our schools, districts, departments, and classrooms is to support professionals and students to set their own meaningful goals, and to utilize the coach approach to implement systems and supports to inspire, empower, and assist individuals to reach those goals.

Human-Centered Coaching

While striving for quality of learning and community in our schools, districts, departments, and classrooms, we always begin with people; students, professionals, and parents. In this session we will explore the good, the bad, and the ugly in personalizing coaching to meet the needs of all types of adult and student learners. We’ll look at how putting on the coaching hat for the inspiring, the mundane, and the challenging can support us to tailor our coaching.

Time: Our Most Precious Resource

In order to lead with a Coach Approach, you must be able to manage all of the “stuff” that keeps you from getting out of your office and into classrooms where the learning happens. This session will offer concrete ways to better manage your calendar, to-do list and many “fires” you are called to put out. You will walk away with strategies and tools to implement proactive systems that allow you to maximize time in classrooms while keeping up with all of the other “stuff” and NOT bringing all the paperwork home at night.

Shifting Mindsets - Transforming Your School Into A Team

Take the Coach Approach to higher levels as as we dive into one of the most vital aspects of educational leadership: transforming your school (or district, or department, or classroom) into one with a culture that embraces continued growth through continuous learning and coaching. Enter the #CoachApproach where school administrators and teacher leaders can model the way. Let’s explore ways to create an environment of peer to peer observations, coaching conversations, and trust. Participants will be introduced to The Coach Approach and how school leaders can transform schools into a learning team by developing a variety of approaches that lead to more peer to peer observations, reflective dialogue and coaching. Join us to practice a variety of methods used to spark coaching conversations between principal and teacher, coach and teacher, and teacher and teacher.

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